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Wardrobe refresh: out with the old, in with the new

15 September 2017 | By

This post was inspired by Lyst.

Spring is in full-swing! One of the goals from this season’s bucket list is:

Spring clean the closet and give away any unused clothes/shoes

No time like the present to get stuck into it.

This was something I’d been putting off for quite a while. Probably because over the past couple of years I’d really accumulated a lot of things (much more than I’d like to admit)!

There were the uni days when my style kept changing so I kept getting new outfits. Then there was the thrift-shopping phase where I’d be hunting down bargains from everywhere. Then there was the online shopping spree where I ordered much more than I really needed.

Anyway, needless to say, there was some serious sorting to be done.

A good hour later…everything had been divided into 4 sections:

  1. Garbage bag of clothes with stains or holes – to be thrown away
  2. 3 stacks of clothes that were in decent condition but no longer fit or I couldn’t realistically see myself wearing again – to be given away and donated to charity
  3. Spring/summer clothes – to be hung back up in my wardrobe for the current season
  4. Autumn/winter clothes – to be packed into a cardboard box and stored away until next year

The giveaway piles

What all this sorting made me realise was that I was in dire need of some new outfits – I don’t have that many which still fit or that haven’t been worn to death already!

So I figured it’s time to stock up on some spring and summery staples.

Usually I like browsing through online stores such as THE ICONIC, Boohoo and ASOS, where there’s a huge variety of styles from different brands.

However, this week’s discovery was Lyst – an online store which partners with designers and brands across the world to bring the shopping of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories (for both men and women) to one, easy-to-use fashion portal.

No need to hunt around on different websites when doing your online fashion shopping, because you can get pretty much anything in the one place here. From Forever 21 to Guess to Gucci, all the big brands are here, often with discounted prices. I found the filters to be particularly useful, so I could even specify to only look through items that had more than 70% off – win!

Inspiration for my spring style

I love dresses, particularly during the warmer months! These are some of my favourite finds that I’m loving right now:

Overall, the spring cleaning of my closet was a success! And now I’m looking forward to a fresh and rejuvenated seasonal style thanks to Lyst.

Which of my spring picks are your favourite? What are your own springtime fashion staples? Let me know in the comments below!

Isabelle xx

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  1. Love all your wardrobe refresh inspiration! It’s good to get rid of things that don’t make you feel good anymore and replace them with items that do!

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