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September 2017 – month in review

30 September 2017 | By

Another month of life, fun and blogging is over – and it’s probably been one of my favourite months so far this year! Here’s how September 2017 turned out…

Milestone events and miscellaneous happenings

It’s finally spring! The warmer weather has arrived as well, so we haven’t had to keep the heater on at night anymore. I realised we only had full length rompers/onesies for baby Charles – so I went on a shopping spree to get him some lighter outfits. I also did a wardrobe refresh as part of my spring cleaning, clearing out all the old clothes that no longer fit or I just don’t wear anymore.

The month was kicked off with Father’s Day celebrations – my husband’s first one Interestingly, I learnt that Father’s Day in Australia is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, whereas in the United States it’s held on the third Sunday of June. Not really sure why this difference exists! But it makes seasonal blogging a little tricky because father’s day posts would only be relevant to a segment of readers.

Baby update – Charles turned 4 months old! I didn’t write a specific 4 month post (like I did for when he turned 3 months) since I figured I’ll do a more detailed update when he turns 6 months old instead. He’s still not a particularly large baby, but he’s definitely growing quickly! And he finally learned to roll over on his own (from his back to his tummy) – super proud mama right here. The routine 4 month vaccinations also took place…never a fun experience.

September is also my birthday month! I turned 24 years old (check out the 24 things I’ve learned in 24 years) and to celebrate, we took a day trip to the Blue Mountains to hunt down a small artisan cafe for lunch.

We also hosted another dinner party at our house and I think it went alright… but there’s till plenty we can do to get better at it! I’m thinking I’ll write a post some time soon with tips for hosting – stay tuned.

The highlight of this month was definitely when hubby, baby and myself went away for a 3 night holiday up north in Hawks Nest. We used Airbnb to book a home near the beach, and spent a couple of days just chilling, eating yummy food and exploring the local areas. If you follow my Instagram Stories, you would’ve seen how much fun my little man had! At first we were a little skeptical as to whether he’d just be fussy because we were away from the familiarity of home, but we were lucky that he didn’t seem to mind at all.


This month has been packed with blogging variety through the 11 posts I managed to publish (not including this one) – from listicles to recipes, sponsored posts to how-to guides and more. Gotta keep things interesting!

The biggest achievement was getting published on Huffington Post Australia! Check out the published post here, or read about how it happened.

To recap, here are some quick links to this month’s posts:

As for the overall stats, there ended up being ~4000 page views from ~3000 users.

Goals for October 2017

  • Continue working my way through my Spring bucket list
  • Stop procrastinating – yes, the laziness is real
  • Catch up with friends more often – particularly before my maternity leave ends
  • Work on becoming more efficient/quicker with cooking – in preparation for when I’m back at work and will have less time on my hands!
  • Get back into posting more frequently on my Instagram

Well that’s a wrap for September 2017! Anything exciting happen in the past few weeks for you? Drop a comment down below!

Isabelle xx

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  1. I agree that September flew by. I can barely remember what I did. Sounds like you did a lot of work but also had time for some fun. Congrats on getting posted on HuffPo. That’s so exciting!

  2. The laziness is totally real for me too! You set some great goals for this month ahead! I find that one of my big laziness triggers in Netflix so I want to try to cut back on that (which I will say I did a lot better with in September) because I know I can’t write a blog post while I have a show I enjoy in the background!

  3. Sounds like it was a great month! Happy birthday and don’t those littles grow so fast? Those are some great goals for next month- don’t we all need a little less procrastinating in our life? ❤️

  4. Man, how do you get so many page views? I really want to up mine but I don’t know what to do that I’m not already doing!

    Sounds like you had a great month though. Happy Belated Birthday! It is weird that Father’s Day is different in the U.S. and Australia- I think its different in other countries too.


  5. Wow you have a very busy month. I feel like time is flying way too fast. Fall has finally arrived here in alabama, I cannot wait to be doing more work on my blog. Hopefully I can post more than 3 times a week . Great read here thank you for sharing.

  6. WHAT! 11 Posts!?! That is crazy! I’ve never posted that many posts in a single month! Good for you girl!

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