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Gift guide: top 5 personalised books for kids

3 November 2017 | By
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Lately I have fallen in love with personalised books for babies and kids. I can’t remember anything similar being around when I was little – but now there are a whole range of gorgeously designed, enchanting books that are perfect as a unique gift for children. By personalising it with their own name, boys and girls can become the heroes of the stories they read!

Even though baby Charles isn’t even 6 months old yet, I’ve been hunting around for the cutest personalised books that I’d love to add to his book collection! And I’m trying really hard to resist buying all of them for Christmas this year…very tempted though.

I’ve rounded up my favourites in this post!

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  1. The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name
  2. M Is For Me
  3. ABC What Can I Be
  4. The Adventures You’ll Have
  5. The Amazing Alphabet

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The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name

From Wonderbly, who have sold over 4 million best-selling personalised books! Check out their full range of products here.

This story is super personalised and unique, based on your child’s name. You can pick some of the characters encountered through the story and you can even choose a custom adventurer so they look more like your little one as well!

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Personalised books for babies and kids (Wonderbly - The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name)

Image from Wonderbly

M is for Me

From Uncommon Goods, who are known for their fun and eclectic range of gifts for all occasions.

This unique book explores the alphabet, but rather than the traditional “objects” for each letter it features positive personality traits instead. How cute is that! You can personalise the name, the gender of the main character, the cover colour and include a dedication too

Personalised books for babies and kids (Uncommon Goods - M is For Me)

Image from Uncommon Goods

ABC What Can I Be

From I See Me, who have heaps of personalised books for kids. However, this was definitely my favourite one of theirs.

This award-winning book allows your child’s name to be featured as parts of all kinds of jobs – from their name appearing on a rocket if they become an astronaut, to their name being on an office door with loads of animals around if they choose to become a vet. All letters of the alphabet are accounted for! It provides an engaging opportunity for your little one to talk about and imagine what they might grow up to be one day.

Personalised books for babies and kids (I See Me - ABC What Can I Be)

Image from I See Me

The Adventures You’ll Have

From Hippo Blue, who offer a wide range of really cute personalised gifts for kids – from bags to books, to games and decor!

This beautifully illustrated book sets your little one centre stage, as it explores possible exciting adventures they could venture on in their life. Customise the name, gender and appearance to match your child!

Personalised books for babies and kids (Hippo Blue - The Adventures You'll Have)

Image from Hippo Blue

The Amazing Alphabet

From Tinyme, who create fun and quirky personalised gifts for children. There’s something for any occasion!

I’ve never seen anything quite like this book. You download a special app and view the book through your smartphone’s camera…and see the letters and characters come to life as they dance across the pages using augmented reality! Definitely a remarkable experience for your little one.

Personalised books for babies and kids (Tinyme - The Amazing Alphabet)

Image from Tinyme

Which is your favourite? Have I missed any? Leave me a comment down below!

Isabelle xx

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  1. These all look so fun. I had only ever seen the first one you mentioned, so it’s fun to see all of the options. Definitely an awesome Christmas Gift Idea.

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