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8 January 2018 | By
One month old baby Charles with mittens

The first month with our newborn baby boy was undoubtedly a rollercoaster experience! Challenges, learning, discoveries – everything was new and exciting. Along with these highs came the fun of sleep deprivation and the overwhelming feelings of being a first time mama. But guess what? We survived! ūüéČ

Aside from the never-ending support from my husband, bub and I had help from a range of baby products that really made things easier for both of us. So here I wanted to share a¬†roundup of my favourite baby products during Charles’ first month in the world!

By no means is this a comprehensive list of everything you’ll need during the first month of your baby’s life, but it’s a selection of things that really made a difference to us as new, first-time parents and to our baby as well.

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MITTENS¬†– something I really wasn’t prepared for was how sharp my baby’s tiny fingernails would be! Poor bub ended up with little scratches on his face before we realised that we definitely needed to cover his hands with mittens. Onesies with hand covers were also really useful to help keep his little fingers from scratching his delicate skin.

ZIPPER ONESIES – basically, it’s really difficult trying to pull clothes over your newborn’s head when they can’t support themselves properly yet, and the snaps on other types of jumpsuits are just frustrating… zipper onesies on the other hand, are ideal.¬†Bonds Wondersuits are by far my favourite outfits for newborn babies! Their designs are super cute, they zip up easily with a safety cover at the neck to prevent scratches/irritation, and also foldable hands/feet covers. That way you don’t even need separate socks and mittens.

MINI BAMBOO MUSLINS – the ones from Weegoamigo are SUPER soft which is perfect against a newborn’s skin. I literally had one with me all the time, to wipe up any spills/spit/sick from bub. They’re such a convenient size as well, and are easy to tuck away in your handbag/diaper bag without taking up too much space. Lulujo Baby also have a range of gorgeous designs on their mini muslins too.

NURSING PILLOW¬†– whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a nursing pillow can really help make the many hours of feeding your baby more comfortable!¬†I swear by my¬†Deluxe Mombo nursing pillow, which has made my personal breastfeeding experience¬†so¬†much easier. There are also heaps of¬†cute covers¬†you can get for it as well.

BOUNCER¬†– when you’re not cradling, feeding or cuddling your little one, you need somewhere to put them down while you’re doing things around the house! We actually inherited a bouncer from the in-laws, so I’m not sure what brand we used. But this was where baby spent a fair amount of time, watching and observing us as we ate our meals, cooked in the kitchen, or did other things around the place.

BATH¬†– a supportive bath can make a world of difference when you’re trying to wash your tiny baby! We invested in the¬†Roger Armstrong aqua scale bath, which also allowed us to weigh and track bub’s growth, as well as digitally indicate the temperature of the water. This made it much easier to set up for bath time because we could more easily get the water temperature just right!

DIAPER PAIL¬†– with the number of nappies you can expect to change with your newborn…it’s worth having an easy and convenient disposal system. The Ubbi diaper pails¬†are an award-winning, odour-preventing solution and our chevron grey model also happens to be quite an aesthetic addition to the room!

So there you have it! My favourite products during baby’s first month, all which helped make the early postpartum challenges that little bit easier.

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What are your must-have products during baby’s first month? Let us know in the comments!

Isabelle xx

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  1. Totally agree with the zipper thing! Those buttons just get frustrating at times. The nursing pillow is an absolute must in my book too (even if you’re bottle feeding) it’s just so helpful!

  2. This is a great list. Those zipper onesies makes life with a little one a bit easier. I never had a nursing pillow but daughter used one. She loved it and carried it everywhere they went.

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