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October 2017 – month in review

31 October 2017 | By
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A crazy month! Some big wins, fun days, and plenty of interesting things. Here’s what’s been happening in my life lately…

Milestone events and miscellaneous happenings

Update on baby Charles – he turned 5 months old this month! He’s growing up so quickly…it’s ridiculous. Babbling all the time, starting to sit independently, almost crawling, and is super active (and smiley). See plenty of baby spam on my Instagram stories Also, his 6 month update is coming very soon so stay tuned!

One of the highlights of this month was my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. It really brought back the memories of all the fun times leading up to my own wedding last year (to think it’s been over a year since then already). In fact, wedding season is coming up because I’ve got 3 over the next few months – exciting times ahead

I finally got a new phone – the Pixel XL! Super stoked about that, because my old one was starting to die at ~40% battery which would drain really quickly. It had gotten to the point where I’d be carrying around a portable charger everywhere, which was quite a hassle…

Overall just enjoying my last weeks of maternity leave, since I’m heading back to full-time work in the middle of November I’m sure it’ll be fine, just a big change after being off for 7 months. But I’ll definitely miss spending all day every day with my little man ↓

Baby Charles is 5 months old

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I ended up publishing 11 posts this month (same as last month) not including this one! Baby posts, food roundups/recipes, home tips and miscellaneous listicles – keeping up the variety. I always hear about how bloggers generally stick to a particular niche, but personally, I just enjoy posting about all sorts of things and whatever takes my fancy!

To recap, here are some quick links to this month’s posts:

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In terms of site traffic, the past few months have shown these page view stats:

1050 → 4700 → 4000 → ????

This month…the total page views hit 14,600+ from ~11,800 users.


This has mostly been due to 2 of my pins going viral on Pinterest:

And how’d this happen? Undoubtedly it was thanks to Tailwind and BoardBooster!

Goals for November 2017

  • Prepare for my return to work/end of maternity leave
  • Post more often on Instagram
  • Keep up the blogging momentum!
  • Revive my email newsletter (haven’t sent one out in ages…)

My Plan - writing in notebook

That’s it for October 2017! How was the past month for you? Share a comment below!

Isabelle xx

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  1. I’m so happy your blog has been getting so much traffic! Your site is beautiful, amazing, and inspiring you deserve all the success in the world!

  2. aww congratulations on your baby and hope you can keep blogging even while working and taking care of your baby!

  3. Babies do grow and change fast so enjoy every moment. Must be hard going back to work, I couldn’t do it so I just became a full time mom. Bridal showers are fun. Sounds like you got a ton of blogging done.

  4. It looks like it has been a great month for you! Needless to say, I’m impressed. You have covered so much in a month. Congrats on the viral posts! I stick to one niche, but I’m looking at expanding. There is just so much to blog about.

  5. This is a really good idea of giving a recap of the past month. I might take up on this idea down the road. Love to see how you were still able to blog while having a newborn – he is adorable. Keep up the good work and Congratulations on your October accomplishments!

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