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5 non-baby things to do during your maternity leave

13 September 2017 | By

You may feel like maternity leave is consumed with attending to your baby (totally expected, there’s a new tiny human in the house!). To keep things interesting (and maintain your sanity), if you’re feeling up to it, you should tackle some non-baby projects during this time as well!

While your little one is napping or you have some help around the house, take a break from doing the laundry and washing the dishes. Of course it’s important to simply relax, and on many days that’s my preferred option, but maternity leave is still a great opportunity to get some extra things done while you’re at home anyway.

This is particularly relevant if you have a couple of months of maternity leave available to you, since it might be a little trickier if you only have a few weeks off work. But give the following ideas a shot either way!

1. Organise your home

Fix up your home. Get into the renovation you’ve always been talking about. Redesign a section or two, even if it’s just switching out the colours of the cushions. Spontaneously buy some new decor, and see if your husband notices!

The tidier and more organised your home is by the time you get back to work, the better. You won’t need to worry about coming home to unpacked boxes or having to hunt around for things for the babysitter.

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Non-baby things to do during maternity leave - organise your home

2. Refresh your wardrobe

Pack up your maternity wear – either donate it to others or charity, or vacuum seal it somewhere safe if you think you might need it in the future

Be okay with the fact that your postpartum body probably doesn’t flaunt your pre-pregnancy figure anymore (hat off to you if you have that back already though!) so you may need to stock up on some new work clothes. Swap out the seasonal clothing, get yourself a new outfit, embrace your new “mama style”!

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3. Have fun in the kitchen

Cooking, baking, preserving – get creative in the kitchen! Try out some new recipes, make up your own, organise your stash of cookbooks.

In particular, aim to stock up the freezer with some meals for the early weeks when you return to work. You’ll be tired after a long day at work and not want to come home and cook, and I’m sure you’d much rather spend that evening home time catching up with your little one instead rather than standing over the stove!

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Non-baby things to do during maternity leave - have fun in the kitchen

4. Start a blog

I actually started the Life With Isabelle blog during my last trimester of pregnancy while I was expecting baby Charles. I was surprised at how easy it is to set up and get going!

Whether you want a blog to share updates about your little one with friends and family (like an online diary/scrapbook), or have a particular topic or niche that interests you, or perhaps you want to make money from it – whatever the reason, give it a go and see where it takes you.

Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide to get you started!

Non-baby things to do during maternity leave - start a blog

5. Do absolutely nothing

I know, this might seem like a difficult one. There’s always something that needs doing, am I right?! But take the plunge and do it anyway. Savour some quiet moments, plonk yourself on that couch, hide in the closet, do what you need to do to sneak in some total, uninterrupted alone time!

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What other non-baby things can you do during your maternity leave?

Non-baby things to do during maternity leave

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  1. These are good tips for a working mom. I was young (21) when I had my daughter and was not working (had to quit while pregnant). These tips would have come in handy if I was still working after she was born.

  2. I love your perspective! I especially like the last point. I am one who hates wasting time and always has to constantly be doing something productive. When I have a baby, I will need a good reminder that it is okay to rest every once in awhile.

  3. This sounds absolutely down-to-earth, so real and amazing!
    I just always see how most mothers freak out and try to do everything all at once, so point 5 was my favorite! I’ll definitely look into this again the day I’m a mother simply to remind myself to just use that time for myself as well. THANK YOU

  4. This is a great list! I’m in my last trimester now and have already been thinking what I’ll be doing when baby gets here. I love the idea to get busy in the kitchen trying new things, especially preserving.

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