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12 tempting “me time” indulgences for mums who need a break

5 December 2017 | By
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Caring for a baby (or kids in general) is hard work.

From sleep deprivation and disrupted nights, to the never-ending mounds of laundry and dishes that perpetually haunt you, to the nappy changes, feeds, plays, changes, cooking, cleaning, tidying, errand-running…I could go on forever.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mum, but it certainly keeps you busy! In fact, trying to grab a moment to yourself can be a surprisingly difficult task, even if it’s just for an uninterrupted shower or bite to eat.

However, “me time” is a sanity-saving essential for all mothers. The value of self-care shouldn’t be overlooked, because the happier, stronger and more “present” you are, the better you can look after your family.

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Here’s a list of 12 me time indulgences that are perfect for any mum who needs a break (in other words, for all mums!):

1. Head outside for a walk

Getting outside for some fresh air and a bit of exercise is one of the healthiest healthy approaches to “me time”. Note that this is different from taking your baby for a walk in the pram, instead, this about you. Whether you feel like a walk around the block or a jog through a nearby park, tune out of your normal routine and enjoy some time to yourself.

2. Hang out at the shops

No, I don’t mean for groceries, unless that’s your kind of thing! Going grocery shopping is generally a normal part of a weekly routine, so this is more about wandering and browsing through stores you normally don’t get to visit when you have your bub in tow. Set yourself a little budget, and get yourself a fresh outfit or gift. You deserve it!

3. Catch-up with a friend

Whether it’s a local cafe or someone’s house, catching up with friends is not only important in maintaining your relationship with them but it’s also a way to get some adult conversation when normally your days are just filled with baby babble and parentese… Go for brunch or an afternoon coffee and have some non-baby talk. Or gush about your little one and their adventures. Up to you!

4. Visit the nail salon

Treat yourself to a pamper session at a nail salon and get a manicure/pedicure. It’s about time you get some exclusive attention! Freshly painted nails is an easy way to add some extra style to your look.

5. Treat yourself at a day spa

A little on the pricier side, but this can provide ultimate relaxation. Wind down your muscles with a masseuse, or soak in a scented spa. Guaranteed you’ll leave the place feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

6. Get a fresh style at the hairdressers

This always makes me feel better (as long as it’s done right, of course)! A new cut or style, or even if it’s just a regular trim, is enough to leave you feeling lighter, fresher and fancier.

7. Read a good book

Drop by your local library and get your hands on a good book. Whether you prefer novels, short stories or non-fiction writing, immersing yourself in some quiet reading is a great way of winding down from the busyness that life brings.

8. Chill with some TV/Netflix

Particularly in the earlier postpartum days, I definitely made use of this one. A real no-brainer is sometimes all you need, to not have to think about anything in particular and relish some good ol’ digital entertainment.

9. Meditate

Mindful breathing, controlled calmness, and silent stillness can really aid in helping you become a calmer, more relaxed person overall. In the craziness of today’s world, setting some time aside to meditate is an easy way to refocus on your priorities and practise self-care. There are also some really great meditation apps available for your smartphone, to help guide you through the process.

10. Do some yoga

There are so many benefits of yoga, aside from it being a relaxing and energising practice. Whether you do it out in the backyard or even in your bedroom, even 10 minutes of yoga can leave you feeling revitalised.

11. Have a long bath

Get the bath bombs, scented candles and rainforest sounds – it’s time to zone out in the comfort and relaxation of your own home. Perhaps your partner can take your baby/kids out for an hour or two so you don’t get interrupted by any cries!

12. Take a much deserved nap

Catch up on some sleep! Don’t worry about things around the house, those things can wait. What’s more important is you and your health. Take care of yourself and get some well-deserved rest.

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Making sure you have adequate daily “me time” is key to reducing stress, but also to maximise productivity when you need to look after your family and home.

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a working mum, a single mum, a new mum or a veteran mum (or a combination of these) – you deserve a break to rejuvenate and refresh. Get your partner or family members to take care of your baby for a bit while you have some time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it – it’s in their best interests as well for you to be healthy and happy!

What “me time” indulgences are your favourite? Share in a comment!

Isabelle xx

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  1. The walk! I cant tell you how important those evening walks were when I had two little’s. A fresh perspective to go with the fresh air I wish I had taken more advice like this after I had our first.

  2. I love these tips! I try my hardest to make time for myself. I loving taking a long hot bath with a good book. That is my go-to for self care and I try to do other things when I get a chance.

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