How I got published on the Huffington Post (on my first try!)

29 September 2017 | By

Earlier this month my writing was published on Huffington Post Australia!

Read it here: The A-Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Of Dealing With The Lack Of Sleep That Newborns Bring

I was super stoked, as I’ve always wanted to have my work published somewhere.

But how’d it happen?



Since it had been a busy couple of weeks, I decided to go down the syndicating route for publishing – using an existing blog post of mine and offering it to be republished elsewhere. I figured this would be an easier option since I could just browse through my archives and pick something from there.

One of my favourite posts on Life With Isabelle is my Learning To Love Waking Through The Night article. It’s a personal piece, and something that I thought might resonate with others so I chose to try submitting this one.

Normally, the “preparing” step would involve brainstorming ideas for an article and possibly drafting its content. In this case, preparing meant:

  • Choose an appropriate existing post
  • Double and triple check it for spelling or grammatical errors
  • Format appropriately and ensure any links are valid


To pitch a blog post to Huffington Post Australia, you need to send an email to

I introduced myself, explained why I thought my post was relevant and interesting and therefore worth considering, and included the body of my post in the email itself.

Less than 6 hours later…I got a reply email from one of the Huffington Post editors saying they’d like to publish it!



If your post gets accepted, you’ll be asked to also submit a brief bio, any social media links and a headshot photo. After that, just wait until it goes live on their site!

Then share the link with your family and friends, and maybe even write a post about how you managed to get your writing published

Do you want to submit to the Huffington Post? There’s nothing to lose – just give it a shot!

Isabelle xx

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  1. Congratulations! I bet that was jump up and down clapping hands exciting! So happy for you. That’s probably an awesome confidence boost huh? Now I’m gonna have to check out the article you submitted. Thanks for the advice on how to achieve it also. 😀

  2. I really want to try this out now! I have yet to publish a guest post or submit my work to another business, but I’d love to take the time to do it now. Thank you for sharing and congrats!

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