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Life With Isabelle | Honeymoon in Sri Lanka: Pasikuda Beach

Sri Lanka: an unexpectedly amazing honeymoon destination.

Last year, Gerard and I went to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon! Definitely not a mainstream choice of location, but that was part of the appeal to us.

And I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

In the last month or so, at least 3 different people have asked me what I thought of my travels in Sri Lanka, because either they themselves were thinking of visiting or because it was being considered as a honeymoon option of their own!

So it seems fitting to post about our adventures there, in particular, the places that we chose to stay at. If I went through everything we did and saw and experienced during our trip, this post would be ridiculously long! So in the spirit of “a picture speaks a thousand words”, I’ve tried to keep it brief with a collection of some of my favourite photos and highlights from the trip.

Without a doubt, I recommend every one of destinations listed below, whether you’re in Sri Lanka for your own honeymoon or just travelling for fun – click the links for more details about each.

Departure from Sydney

The evening after Gerard and I got married, we left Sydney to embark on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka! We had booked our flights and itinerary through Go Travel International, and were set to fly with Sri Lankan airlines from Sydney to Colombo with a brief stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sydney → Kuala Lumpur (8hrs 50mins) | Kuala Lumpur → Colombo (3hrs 35mins)

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - flying with Sri Lankan airlines over the ocean, from Sydney to Sri Lanka

Our limits are beyond the sky 🛫⛅🛬

Touchdown in Sri Lanka!

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - a happy welcome after landing

Jet-lagged, really feeling the humidity, happy

Destination #1 – Earl’s Regency, Kandy

2 nights. Deluxe room.

A 5 star getaway in the heart of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s cultural capital.

Highlights: immersion into Sri Lankan culture with shows, traditional food on request, and the most friendly and genuine service I’ve ever experienced.

Read more about Earl’s Regency.

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - balcony views from our room at the Earl's Regency hotel

Balcony views

Destination #2 – 98 Acres, Ella

2 nights. Honeymoon deluxe room.

A charming chalet – tranquil seclusion nestled in the mountains of Sri Lanka.

Highlights: uniqueness of the eco-style chalets, featuring a stone bathroom with spa and balcony with total privacy.

Read more about 98 Acres Resort and Spa.

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - sipping tea on the balcony of our chalet at 98 Acres Resort & Spa

The definition of relaxation

Destination #3 – Maalu Maalu, Pasikuda

1 night. Deluxe room.

East coast of Sri Lanka shows off pristine beaches and chilled beachfront resorts.

Highlights: my favourite pool and beach of the entire trip! Also with a massive rain shower. I wish we had stayed here longer…

Read more about Maalu Maalu Resort and Spa.

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - gorgeous views of the pool by the ocean

Waterfront at its finest

Destination #4 – Jungle Beach, Trincomalee

5 nights. Beach cabin.

A tropical oasis creating a romantic fusion between land and sea – from being up among the trees to a private jungle path from our chalet to the ocean’s edge.

Highlights: delicious breakfast platters, private walkway to the water, literally living in a jungle by the beach.

Read more about Jungle Beach.

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - breakfast platters are my favourite

Breakfast platters are my favourite

Destination #5 – Ulagalla Resort, Anuradhapura

3 nights. Ulagalla villa.

Enveloped by untouched nature and wildlife are secluded chalets perched up among the trees – hidden gems scattered across an ancestral estate.

Highlights: private plunge pool, ridings bikes across the beautiful estate, watching the wildlife just outside the glass walls of the luxurious chalet.

Read more about Ulagalla Resort.

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - cocktail by the private plunge pool

Cocktail by the private plunge pool

Destination #6 – Galle Face Hotel, Colombo

1 night. Oceanic balcony junior suite.

Built over a century and a half ago, this grand, iconic location is one of the oldest hotels in southern Asia and is rich with history, culture and luxury.

Highlights: giant in-room spa, ocean views, exploring the museum of all the royalty and celebrities who’ve stayed here over time.

Read more about Galle Face Hotel.

Honeymoon destination Sri Lanka - lunch by the ocean

Last destination – I wish it could last forever

Back to Sydney

:( I didn’t want to leave! Why couldn’t our dream honeymoon in Sri Lanka simply last forever… But it was time to return back home to Sydney, Australia.

Overall route

Here’s a map of our Sri Lankan honeymoon route, based on our accommodation locations. Between each destination we often made other detours for sightseeing as well. We managed to cover quite a decent area of the country, crossing from the western coast to the east and back again!

It was definitely worth having a private driver, particularly when travelling longer distances. It was much more comfortable than having to take public transport, and we had the added bonus of our driver being a tour guide as well.

15 days, 14 nights.

An unforgettable experience.


Why I totally recommend a Sri Lanka honeymoon

Aside from all the gorgeous destinations I showed above, what I liked most about going to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon was:

  • The variety – swim and snorkel in the ocean/beaches, go hiking through forest/mountainous areas, explore safari-style places… Because of Sri Lanka’s small size, you can stay at a whole variety of different places during your trip. Personally, I preferred staying at a range of places rather than just the one hotel/resort the entire time because you get to explore more of the country and the novelty never ends!
  • It’s not super touristy – compared with other popular honeymoon destinations like Bali, Maldives, etc. Depending on the places you choose to stay at, you can get heaps of privacy.
  • Comparably cheaper – as a result of being less touristy, the prices are much more affordable because they aren’t battling for competition! We ended up deciding on a 2.5 week Sri Lanka honeymoon vs. ~4 days in the Maldives which would’ve been a similar cost. Crazy!

If you want more details about a particular place or recommendations for things to do while you’re in Sri Lanka, let me know!

Isabelle xx

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    1. Ahh whenever I look back on these photos…triggers my wanderlust vibes every time haha! Currently hunting for new destinations though

    1. That’s totally how I felt at first! Ended up being delightfully surprised at how wonderful it turned out to be

  1. Thank you for your Sri Lankan honeymoon adventure .i was surfing the web for Sri Lanka honey moon post .i will add this honey moon route for my guests visiting Sri Lanka

  2. Hi there, great post, looks like you had a a ball! We are thinking of doing a similar route for our honeymoon this July. We were wondering was there any nightlife in any of the places on the east coast or was it all pretty tame? We’ve heard Mirissa is the place for that but not sure what the weather will be like…. ANy advice would be great!

    1. Oohh good choice of country, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time there! To be honest, I’m not really sure about the nightlife scene because we mostly hung out at our resorts/hotels in the evening rather than venturing out. But July’s weather on the east coast is really nice though, I loved swimming and snorkelling under the clear blue skies

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