Life-saving teething products to soothe your baby

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Best teething products for babies

Someone once told me that the reason why you don’t have any memories of when you were a baby, is because there was so much pain from teething that your brain shuts away that period of your life.

Even though that may not be true, I always shudder to think about how it must feel to have a mouthful of teeth breaking through your gums for the first time!

It’s tough as a parent to watch your little one go through the discomfort and pain of teething, particularly since it lasts for so many months. After the first tooth pops out, you might have a week or so of relief but soon enough the next ones will be following.

And it’s heartbreaking, it really is. But it’s all part of life, so the least you can do is invest in some good quality teething products that will help soothe your baby’s gums, ease any discomfort and minimise the painful experience.

Or maybe you’ll be lucky to have a baby that isn’t too fussed by teething! That’s definitely the minority though…

Things to look for in a good teether

There are heaps of “teethers” out there, however, you have to be careful with what you buy! Many products out there are actually not 100% safe for babies, with chemicals or plastics that aren’t good for your bub to be sucking on.

Some of the key things to look for in a good teether include:

  • Made from only natural materials, with no potentially toxic chemicals
  • Easy for baby to hold on to and use
  • Good ratings and recommendations from other parents

Here’s a collection of the best teething products that baby Charles has used and loved, as well as genius teething products I wish I had gotten my hands on earlier! They’re also really affordable, and easy to fit into any parents’ budget.

Best teething products of 2018

Sophie the Giraffe

Made from 100% natural rubber, Sophie the Giraffe is a hugely popular teething product for babies all over the world. Originally designed and made in France, this soft, safe and non-toxic toy is light and easy for tiny hands to hold on to. You can even squeeze the tummy to hear a squeak! A smaller version of Sophie with easy-to-hold handles has also been made specifically for teething and is probably less likely to be dropped on the floor too.

Baby Banana Brush

The Baby Banana Brush is made from silicone and serves 2 functions: a teether AND a baby toothbrush. It was actually invented by a dental hygienist mom, and the thick bristles help to massage baby’s sore gums, while also encouraging good brushing habits from the earliest age. The banana peel handles make it easy to hold and it’s also a convenient way to attach it to a pacifier strap, so that it’s easy to take around wherever your baby goes. This teething product is also available in different colours and styles, like an adorable mini corncob!

Bright Starts Chilled Teethers

These teethers are filled with purified water, making them ideal for popping into the back of the refrigerator. Once chilled, the coolness against your baby’s gums provides added relief. They also come in a variety of other fun colours and textures, with all of them being the perfect size for your bub to easily hold on to. Particularly when my baby was younger, he enjoyed hanging out in his bouncer with one of these in his hands, sucking away at it while watching whatever I was doing around the house. In the back corner of my fridge, I keep a little bowl which holds all of bub’s chilled teethers. He has quite a collection!

Nurtureland Teether Trees

The Teether Trees can be stored in the refrigerator to make them extra cool and soothing. Since they’re made from silicone, they’re easy to clean, which is always an added bonus with any teether. Made with bright sensory colours, each of the Nurtureland teethers is like a little fruit – super cute! I also love the Broccoli Bites teether and Carrots teether from Little Toader, because it looks like your bub is munching away on little veggies!

Munch Mitt Teething Mitten

Noticing your baby constantly sucking on their fingers and hands? Pop a Munch Mitt on them, secured with velcro so it doesn’t slip off. Machine washable, easy to clean, and made from a soft breathable fabric with a textured silicone end – this is a perfect teething product for younger babies who are teething but haven’t yet mastered holding things themselves. They also come in a whole range of different colours and designs. The aqua blue mitt is probably my favourite!

Boon Pulp Silicone Teether Feeder

Simply put cold or frozen fruit into the silicone end, and let your baby suck the coolness and flavours out! While not necessarily intended to be a teether, it works surprisingly well for that purpose particularly if your bub is a little older. Easy to hold and clean, this product is also allows your baby to get bits of food out the holes at the end without any choking hazard. Win-win!

Teething gel

Our go-to is Bonjela teething gel, which provides quick, soothing relief the discomfort of teething. I just put less than a pea sized drop onto my finger, and rub it gently onto bub’s gums. He doesn’t seem to mind the taste at all! We try not to use this too regularly though, and generally go for any of the above options first.

Pain relief medication

Only as an absolutely last resort do we give bub some pain relief medication (usually Panadol or Nurofen), when he starts getting a fever or is clearly distressed by the pain. This especially comes in handy if they’re struggling to sleep at night because the teething is really bothering them. Be sure to check with your doctor or paediatrician before administering any medication to your baby.

Charles munching on teether

So there you have a roundup of the best teething products to soothe your baby’s gums, while also allowing them to practise their coordination as they get better at actually aiming the teether into their mouths! They can really make a world of difference, so it’s best to stock up on a couple in advance so you’ll be armed and ready for when your bub starts teething.

Do you have any tips for providing relief from teething? What are the best teething products that you’ve used with your little one? Leave a comment down below.

Isabelle xx

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  1. My kiddos had the little giraffe and loved it! It was either that or we ended up having them chew on the tops of our collars when we were paying attention!

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