Baby products I thought I needed but never used

2 December 2017 | By
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Preparing for the arrival of your first baby is exciting, daunting, wonderful and nerve-wracking all at the same time! What do you need for this new little human about to join the family? You don’t want to be caught out without being ready…so hit the shops (or online stores) and start buying every baby product in sight.

Or maybe you’re more like me, and end up buying hardly anything because you’re totally unsure of what you do and don’t need! (And when bub is there…yeah you’re pretty unprepared.)

With loads of baby product guides all over the internet, there are plenty of ideas of things you could get. Whether it’s to add things to your baby registry, or if you’re buying them yourself, there’s a saturated marketplace of baby products, making it hard to figure out what you really need.

Here’s my personal experience of baby products I thought I needed for my little one but never actually used!

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Baby wipes warmer 

Particularly since my baby was born when it was coming up to winter time, I thought a wipes warmer would be better for bub when it’s cold! But in reality, what made more of a difference was the temperature of the room itself. Keeping the nursery warm seemed sufficient, and he never seemed bothered by the wet wipes!

Still want one? The Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer is one of the most popular wipes warmers out there.

Bottle warmer

Once we started weaning from breastfeeding and using the bottle more, a bottle warmer seemed like a good idea. Lots of sites were raising the issues with microwaving a baby’s bottle, however, as long as you shake it well afterwards it’s good to go!

Still want one? The Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer is frequently mentioned as one of the best bottle warmers on the market.

Special baby detergent 

Babies have super sensitive skin, which shouldn’t be exposed to the strong chemicals and scents of many cleaning products and detergents. It’s definitely tempting to go with the pricey baby detergents, because you don’t want to risk harm to your little one! However, it’s definitely cheaper (and still safe for your bub) to just get hypoallergenic, scent-free detergents that aren’t specifically aimed at babies.

Still want some? Dreft has a wide range of cleaning products, specialising in hypoallergenic washing detergent that’s sensitive to babies’ skin.

Hooded baby towels

Admittedly, these look super cute! Just the thought of my baby all wrapped up in a fluffy towel with an adorable character or themed hood makes me feel all fuzzy inside. But really, this doesn’t really work out for newborns or young babies. To date, I haven’t been able to get a good photo of my baby in a hooded towel (and he’s almost 7 months)! When he was a newborn, he’d usually be crying after a bath and once he got a bit bigger he became super squirmy all the time. And at all ages…it’s pretty hard to coordinate getting a towel over their head in the right direction for a hood to even work. Much easier to just quickly wrap them up in a regular towel after a bath.

Still want one? This American Kiddo Premium hooded towel and washcloth set is made from organic bamboo so is extra soft against your little one’s body, keeping them cosy and warm after bath time!

Baby shoes 

Just like with clothes, it’s super easy to go totally overboard with baby shoes! But unlike clothes, shoes really don’t need to be worn by newborns or young babies. More comfy for them (and easier to put on) are “shoe socks” – socks that look like shoes!

Still want some? Check out these cute, unisex, athleisure shoes for babies!

Baby nail clippers

Newborn nails are the tiniest things ever! And surprisingly sharp. If you don’t keep them well-trimmed, your baby can accidentally give themselves nasty scratches…I learnt that one the hard way. There are tons of special baby nail clippers out there, but I’ve always found my own mini manicure nail clippers to be sufficient. No fancy gadgets required!

Still want one? The Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper actually comes with an in-built light so that you can trim your baby’s nails in the dark when they’re asleep – hopefully that’ll make the experience a little easier.

So basically…there’s no need to waste money or space on these items! Often products are marketed as being “for babies” but end up just becoming overpriced instead. Don’t fall for these traps, and seriously consider whether a particular baby product is worth buying or if there’s something similar enough that you already have!

What baby products did you think you’d need, but didn’t end up using? Leave a comment below.

Isabelle xx

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  1. Totally Agee with you on the the baby towels, my daughter is never comfortable or warm enough in them. She would much rather be wrapped in the big towel like a cute burrito!

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