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August 2017 – month in review

31 August 2017 | By

I literally cannot believe how quickly these months have been flying by lately! It feels like yesterday that I was writing my July 2017 review post, but here we are at the brink of September. Looking back at what happened during August 2017…

Milestone events and miscellaneous happenings

Baby Charles turned 3 months old! During these early months of his life, milestones are being smashed out every couple of weeks – I’m always impressed and entertained by the new things he discovers he can do.

Hubby and I managed to go out for a couple of double dates with friends, while leaving Charles for a visit with the grandparents! It’s been good to get out and about more often, particularly now that I feel totally recovered from the pregnancy/birth. So I’ve been taking advantage of this newfound energy by venturing out for brunches and dinners with friends – and taking baby along too! I’ve definitely been learning tips and tricks for successfully eating out with your baby.

Definitely one of the highlights was a picnic to Warragamba Dam with hubby and bub. The weather was lovely and warm, and it was such a chilled outing.

On the other end of the spectrum, one of the less positive experiences of the month…was when I accidentally locked the keys in the car. With my baby inside. I genuinely have no idea how it happened – one minute I was fixing the pram at the shopping centre, next minute I couldn’t open the door to get bub out. The police ended up coming to smash the window because we figured it’d be faster than waiting for the NRMA to get there. It was all rather dramatic, but baby Charles was fine thank goodness

As always, a busy month!


One of last month’s goals was to blog more frequently – and I think I achieved this one! August ended up with 15 posts (not including this one), which is pretty much one post every 2 days. I know things will become busier when I head back to work, so hopefully I can still keep up the momentum.

If you missed any of the posts from the month, here are some quick links:

In terms of overall stats, there was ~4700 page views from ~3700 users. A significant increase from last month!

Goals for September 2017

  • Start working my way through my Spring bucket list
  • Eat healthier (I eat way too much junk food right now…it’s terrible, I know)
  • Stay more on top of housework (I’ve been getting lazy lately. Gotta snap out of it!)
  • Keep up the regular blog posting momentum!

Coming up…

Stay tuned for these and more in the upcoming month!

  • A foodie’s guide to September (following the success of “A foodie’s guide to August“!)
  • Charles’ 4 month update
  • Bocconcini stuffed meatballs and other yummy recipes
  • Springtime activities with your baby

Sounds interesting!

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That’s it for August 2017! How was your last month? I’d love to hear about any upcoming plans in the comments!

Isabelle xx

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  1. That’s great you are getting out more – with and without baby! Aw, poor you and locking the keys in the car. I’m sure it was awful at the time, but it happens to people ALL THE TIME.


  2. 15 posts a month is a lot, at least for me. Way to go girl! And I’m glad that whole car situation didn’t turn into anymore more serious!!

  3. Well isn’t he the CUTEST 3 month old little man ever!!! I’m glad you posted this! It’s motivating me to get my month planned out!

  4. I have locked my keys in my car numerous times. It happens! Get a magnet key holder and hide it on the bottom of your car. My dad got me one and I have used it several times. It’s been a life saver!!!

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