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22 March 2017 | By

I’ve had an idea!

I’m starting a mini-series called Wedding Tip Wednesdays – featuring tips, tricks, thoughts and tried-and-tested wedding ideas.

While I’m not a wedding planner, and I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert, I feel like I discovered and learnt so much through my own wedding preparation and experiences (less than a year ago!) that I want to share some of them here. More of my friends are getting engaged and preparing for marriage, so I’m getting insights from all types of weddings. Also, people like real-life stories, right?

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Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up soon…

  • Why a wedding shouldn’t blow your budget
  • Cute engagement announcement ideas
  • Choosing a unique theme and style
  • Finding and booking suppliers
  • Reviews of products and services I used
  • Run sheet for the big day
  • To do list for the groom!

…and plenty more.

Any suggestions of what else you’d like to see featured in upcoming Wedding Tip Wednesday posts? Let me know in the comments!

Isabelle xx

I love weddings!

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I’m looking forward to sharing these ideas with my friends who aren’t married yet, especially the wedding announcement ideas!

  2. I like the idea of family members having a dress code or color code for the wedding. Easier for guests to identify who the close family members are.

  3. Sounds great!! Wedding planning can be so stressful it’s handy to have some tips and hints, especially since it feels like one of those “learn as you go” type things.

  4. weddings must not be expensive. Afterall, a wedding is just a party with all your guest dressed-up. Or you can just run to the city hall with your bae have a wedding.

  5. How awesome! I’m sure it’ll be helpful for many people! I personally just got married in a courthouse because I couldn’t deal with all the details. And costs.

  6. Wow this sounds awesome for planning a wedding, I always get super excited when I read about cool ideas for weddings and then I’m like…uhh gotta find a guy first hahaha.

  7. Great tips! I wish I had taken the time to read something like this before I started planning my wedding a few years back:-)

  8. Now all I need is a wedding to plan…better give the boyfriend a few more hints – maybe leaving your blog page open on my laptop should do it haha!

  9. This is really a great list.I will pass it on in my friend circle.Now it’s a wedding season and am waiting for the invites lol

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