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16 July 2017 | By

Part 2 of dinners with HelloFresh

Asian night tonight! On the menu we have speedy stir-fried beef and Hokkien noodles and Asian greens. Yum

This is my second experience cooking with a HelloFresh meal kit, which sends all the fresh ingredients to your doorstep at the beginning of the week, along with a recipe card with clear and easy to follow cooking instructions.

Take a look at the original recipe here. The ingredients you needed to supply yourself included olive oil, soy sauce (I use the light type) and brown sugar or honey – things the average pantry probably already contains.

I’ve cooked similar stir fry dishes before, and I’m quite a fan of Hokkien noodles and hoisin flavours so I had a feeling I’d like this meal.

It certainly didn’t take long to prepare or cook! It helped that the beef came pre-cut into strips, so that saved me from any meat preparation. Only the veggies needed chopping. Admittedly I was a little distracted by the baby while cooking this dish, so I think I overcooked the beef a bit because it ended up being tougher than I would’ve liked…

Overall I was happy with the result though! The veggies were bright and the noodles were well coated with the tasty hoisin/soy sauce.

Cooking difficulty = super easy

Quantity = we had enough for each person to come back for seconds during dinner time, with a little left over for my lunch the following day. Would’ve also preferred to use a smaller red capsicum, because there was a bit too much of that.

My overall rating: 7/10 (ginger flavour was a bit strong, and with Asian stir fries I prefer to also have some baby corn or an even greater variety of veggies)

Husband’s rating: 5/10 (didn’t have enough variety of flavours, not a fan of Hokkien noodles or capsicum)

Will it be on the menu again? Yes to the sauce! But probably with a different variety of veggies. I’d also interchange the beef with pork or chicken – whatever takes my fancy at the time.

Want to try out HelloFresh and their meal kits? Get $50 off your first box using this link!

One more HelloFresh dinner coming up this week – let’s see whether it’ll be the best one so far.

Featured image from HelloFresh.

Isabelle xx

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    1. I’ve been hearing about it from so many different places – part of why I wanted to finally try it out!

  1. This looks super yummy, something I would like–but my kids would hate it. I’ve never signed up for meal programs, though, due to the expense. How’s the price?

    1. I reckon it’s fairly pricey unless you have a coupon or discount code…but it pays off in terms of the convenience though. Depends on how much time you have for meal prepping or shopping for groceries.

    1. Yeah it definitely gave me inspiration about how I can make other similar stir fries in the future so it was still worthwhile!

  2. Excellent take on the HelloFresh. I’ve found these meals often provide for two plus a small lunch as well, which is great.

  3. Thanks for this review!! It looks like a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try new dishes. While it didn’t get a 10/10, it seems like it could totally be improved upon to fit both of your tastes!

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