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Pram review – Redsbaby Jive

15 August 2017 | By

High on the essentials list when preparing your baby’s arrival is a pram! Secure, sturdy, comfortable…there are plenty of requirements for a good pram. What makes things challenging however, is the huge variety of products on the market. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect one without hours of research.

Hopefully I can save you the trouble, and tell you why the Redsbaby Jive is undoubtedly the pram you and your baby needs.

I bought the Redsbaby Jive (onyx) model online, and it arrived on my doorstep 2 days later! It took around ~20mins to assemble, and I fell in love with it immediately.

The bassinet:

Frame with regular seat:

Frame with bassinet (the way I’ll be using it for the next few months until baby Charles is 6 months old):

The Redsbaby Jive pram is really easy to fold away and reopen – this was a particularly important factor for me. Even though I’m not using the regular seat yet, I’m impressed that the pram can even be collapsed without needing to remove it!

Another standout feature of the Redsbaby Jive is that it can easily switch from a single to tandem pram – simply purchase an adaptor and it can support 2 seats at the same time! No need to buy an entirely new pram if you have 2 little ones to port around. It also supports a range of configurations, such as the forward or rear-facing seat/bassinet.

What convinced me to buy the Redsbaby Jive over other prams?

1. Redsbaby Jive was the 2016 award winner for 4 wheeled prams and strollers on ProductReview. People seem to love it! I read lots of the feedback from different people and the vast majority was hugely positive. Particularly useful were comments comparing the Jive to other prams they had/have, yet still saying it was the better pram.

Redsbaby Jive review - screenshot from August 2017 on ProductReview

Screenshot from August 2017 on ProductReview

2. The price – the Redsbaby Jive cost $849 AUD including the pram (with regular seat) + bassinet, with $19.95 AUD shipping. Compared to many other popular prams, this is a significantly cheaper option (less than half the price of other leading brands)! Especially considering that the bassinet was already included, whereas for other prams you often need to purchase the bassinet separately.

3. It’s super stylish. From the tan leatherette handles, to the frame design, and the high quality fabrics, the Redsbaby Jive has a wonderfully sleek look and is definitely the most attractive pram on the market. Personally I like the onyx and indigo colour schemes, but it also comes in mist, olive and sable models. If you’re going to be on the go with baby for the next few years (or more if there are more babies on their way!), you might as well look good To see the Redsbaby Jive in action, check this out:

If I had to try and find faults…

  • The latches for folding down the frame are a little stiff sometimes
  • The snap buttons to close the bassinet hood are hard to close (but realistically I don’t ever need to use them because the zipper is sufficient)
  • I wish the hood had the option of extending even further to better block the sun


In summary, the Redsbaby Jive pram is light, compact, easy to manoeuvre, affordable, comfortable for baby and super stylish! Compared to other leading brands, it comes at a fantastic price, particularly since the bassinet is also included by default. I’m impressed at how quickly it was delivered to my home and am delighted with my purchase

Isabelle xx

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  1. This looks like a pretty solid product! I looooove the color scheme too. As a mother of 2, I know that investing in long lasting, reputable and versatile baby items is key!

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