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13 August 2017 | By

Part 5 of dinners with HelloFresh

I love a good schnitzel, but I’ve never actually made one myself!

When I saw that pork schnitzel with apple, mint and parmesan salad was next on the menu, I thought it sounded like a great dinner idea. Also I really enjoy fruits in salads so was keen for that salad combo too.

Check out the complete recipe here. As always, most of the essential ingredients were included in the meal pack, and I was pleased to see that panko breadcrumbs were there rather than just the regular type of breadcrumbs! Panko usually results in a crunchier batter that ends up being tastier too

While I prepped the salad, hubby helped with preparing the batter and frying up the schnitzels. (Yeah, I guess that technically means I still haven’t made schnitzels myself!) I found the shaving of the fresh parmesan to be a little tricky since it kept crumbling into smaller chunks. I was trying to use a peeler against it…perhaps there’s a better way of shaving cheese?

Anyway, overall it didn’t take very long which was good because we were both hungry after a long day!

Final result – one of the favs so far!

Cooking difficulty = Easy (mostly just prep work, only need to fry the schnitzels)

Quantity = Schnitzels were a little small. We’re both used to the giant ones you get at German restaurants haha! Because of that we ended up with a bit of leftover salad (which you could just eat on its own of course).

My overall rating: 8/10 (Crispy yet tender schnitzels, fresh and tasty salad, a great and healthy combo. Yum!)

Husband’s rating: 7/10 (Tasty, filling, crunchy pork! Salad was nice, but could’ve done well with some sauerkraut/red cabbage/mashed potato on the side as well)

Will it be on the menu again? Definitely, but with larger pieces of pork Might also try using veal instead. I’ll also remember this simple but delicious salad as a go-to if ever we need a quick side for a lunch or dinner!

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Isabelle xx

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  1. Yum! Thanks for sharing! My hubby feels the same way about side salads….he usually prefers something with more “substance,” but I argue that we don’t want more “substance” so we better stick with the salad. hehe.

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