Onion gravy steaks

2 August 2017 | By

Part 4 of dinners with HelloFresh

Am I the only one with a carnivore for a husband?

Like, if all he could eat in a day was meat, I’m sure he’d do it. Not even kidding.

So when I saw that onion gravy steaks with sweet-potato broccoli Irish colcannon was on the menu…I had a feeling this would be a hit with him!

See the full recipe here. Not many ingredients needed! Mostly pantry staple, the fresh ingredients were supplied in the HelloFresh box and beef rump was the cut of meat being used for the steaks.

Hubby helped with the cooking of the steak. Admittedly I don’t trust myself with cooking steaks perfectly (all the more reason to practise I suppose!) and he’s pretty particular with how he likes his done, so I handed over the reigns to him for that part.

Besides, having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen is great to get dinner on the table that little bit quicker as well!

As I had hoped, it was a success!

Cooking difficulty = Easy/medium (steaks are a little tricker if you want them perfectly cooked to your preference, this dish also had more elements that needed cooking)

Quantity = Soooo much steamed veggies. Quite a decent amount of sweet potato mash.

My overall rating: 7/10 (Definitely lost points for the steamed veggies which were super boring. The onion gravy paired really well with the steak which was juicy and tender. I really like sweet potato so of course enjoyed the mash!)

Husband’s rating: 7/10 (Liked steak, mash was interesting but the steamed veggies were bland and out of place.)

Will it be on the menu again? Steak will forever be on the menu, probably daily if hubby had his way! I’d also do the mash and onion gravy again…but no more plain steamed veggies like that anymore ><

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Featured image from HelloFresh.

Isabelle xx

TIP: Got leftover veggies you don’t want to eat on their own but don’t want to just throw away either? Add them to a stir fry or fried rice!

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