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Nursing pillow review – Deluxe Mombo

27 July 2017 | By

Nursing pillows for breastfeeding are the greatest!

In fact, the one I bought is probably my best breastfeeding-related purchase.

If you’re breastfeeding your baby, you end up nursing a dozen times a day (or sometimes more!) during the early postpartum days. In the later months you continue nursing 6+ times a day. And believe me, you want to be comfy while doing so!

I opted to exclusively breastfeed my baby for at least the first few months of his life, and I’d heard about the benefits of using nursing pillows. So after doing lots of research online, I ended up buying Comfort & Harmony’s Deluxe Mombo nursing pillow from Baby Bunting. I also purchased the Fab Fox slipcover, in case the other one was in the wash.

Regular vs. deluxe

The difference between the regular and deluxe models is that the deluxe comes with a round vibration unit that you slot into a pocket in the middle of the pillow, and can be used to create a massaging feeling. The price difference was minimal so I figured I might as well get the deluxe model and see what it’s like!


These are my favourite things about the Mombo Deluxe nursing pillow:

  • Multipurpose – The double-sided design of the pillow (different materials on each side) supports its use for different purposes. There’s a softer, brightly patterned side which is comfier (and cuter!) to lie against when the pillow is used to help baby sit or chill against. The other side is firmer with better support, and is more appropriate for nursing. The shape of the pillow itself is great for supporting babies while they’re propped up in the middle.
  • Easy to clean – The firmer side is smooth and super easy to wipe down since it doesn’t absorb liquid. I’ve hardly had to use my backup cover because it’s so easy to simply wipe clean with a damp cloth!
  • I can have both hands free – I suppose this is a benefit of using any nursing pillow…but I figured it’s worth mentioning anyway. I can still wrap my arms around baby as he lies across the pillow while feeding, but it makes it considerably easier to adjust the burp cloth on my shoulder, fix my shirt/bra, hold a book for reading, or even sneak of bite or two of food for myself!

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  • Haven’t yet found the vibration unit to be particularly useful. In fact, at least once a day I accidentally, unintentionally turn it on while picking up the pillow. But I’ll wait and see if baby likes it as he grows older and learns to sit up against the pillow more.
  • This isn’t a problem with the pillow itself… But when I’m out and about without the pillow and need to breastfeed, I’m definitely more awkward while trying to hold baby for feeding. Admittedly I’ve become a little dependent on just lying him across my Mombo pillow rather than getting the positioning right without it…because it’s just so convenient to use!


I can’t resist… 💕

Hangin’ out with the pillow // 6 days old

So comfy…off to dream land // 2.5 weeks old

Selfie attempt with the pillow // 5 weeks old

Chillin’ on the bed // 7 weeks old

Happy baby loves his pillow! // 7 weeks old

Has anyone else had experiences with different nursing pillows? Got any questions about this one? Let me know in the comments!

Isabelle xx

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  1. Very useful review! I never got into the feeding pillow for exactly the same reason as one of your cons: I was afraid I will become too reliant on it and won’t learn how to hold the baby properly while feeding. I ended up not breastfeeding that long anyway, so it didn’t matter. Enjoy this lovely time with your little one!

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