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March 2017 – month in review

31 March 2017 | By

It’s been a pretty hectic month, that’s for sure! Looking back on what March 2017 brought my way…

Milestone events and miscellaneous happenings

First half of the month was admittedly a little stressful, as we went through the whole bank loan/financing/settlement process for the house we were trying to buy. Dates kept being pushed back, documents kept needing resigning, the forms were never-ending…but eventually it all worked out in the end and we secured our new home. And now we have a mortgage…

Then of course there was the packing. I thought between my husband and I we didn’t have that much stuff, but I feel like we ended up with a ridiculous number of boxes and random bits and pieces – much more than I originally anticipated!

The move itself went smoothly enough, but was still an exhausting weekend. Check out my tips for avoiding moving day madness, I learnt plenty from the experience and am glad it shouldn’t need to happen again for quite some time! Unfortunately, as soon as we made the move, for pretty much the entire second half of the month (even now) I ended up being quite sick…I think the busy-ness of all it all caught up with me and took its toll. Mostly better now though, thank goodness.

Just before the move, I went out for a double date dinner with hubby, one of my best friends and her boyfriend. I always love catching up with friends, and really should make more time to do so…but it’s been really difficult over the past couple of months with life’s craziness. That shouldn’t be an excuse though!

Last week Gerard and I attended the launch of the The Marriage Project where we listened to a presentation about “His & Her Brains”, before enjoying drinks, cheese and grapes while mingling with other young engaged or recently married couples. It was actually quite good, so I’m looking forward to their upcoming workshops/talks later in the year. Hopefully by then more of my friends will be engaged so I can invite them along with us!

Amongst all of that…we’ve been busy buying furniture. And appliances. And all the house stuff. It never ends! But we have a home to call our own now, and that’s made any challenge worthwhile.

Pregnancy progress

Things have really been ramping up this month! From my “pregnancy symptoms” to my overall size…everything’s becoming more pronounced and we’re definitely nearing the home stretch.

I attended a series of ante-natal classes with other expecting couples at the hospital I’m booked to deliver at – I’ll probably write a review at some stage, but overall I found it pretty useful and I liked being taken on a maternity tour of the hospital, so we could familiarise ourselves with where we’ll be ending up in the next couple of months!

This month also included a routine blood test, whooping cough vaccination and my second anti-D injection. I’m certainly getting used to being prodded and jabbed with needles and thankfully I don’t mind them, otherwise it really wouldn’t be a particularly pleasant experience. Also attended 3 obstetrician appointments, including the major 32 week growth scan. From next week I think the appointments become weekly, gotta keep a close eye on baby and make sure everything’s going okay.

It’s pretty amazing to think that I’m now almost 35 weeks pregnant really feeling like I’m getting quite big, baby is moving heaps, and could be coming along at any moment! Not ready yet!!


Officially completed one month of blogging! Since kicking off Life With Isabelle on the first day of the month, I had no idea how it would go, or what I’d realistically end up writing about, or whether anyone would even read it!

Ended up writing 13 posts (including this one) – is that unlucky? Here are some quick links, if anything takes your fancy or if you want to read back on anything from the past month:

I realise these “most” and “least” rankings may be partially impacted by when during the month the post was published, but we’ll see by next month whether they change!

I managed to be somewhat regular with my posting schedule (approximately publishing a new post every 2-4 days) – there were definitely slower periods such as during the house move where I ended up being super busy and preoccupied with other things. It also hasn’t helped that we still don’t have internet hooked up at our new house yet… I’ve tethered off my mobile now and then but it’s definitely limited my data usage!

I also managed to score 1500+ page views, from 1100+ different users, with 161 comments being left by readers! Super surprised by these numbers – was more than I expected, and it seems a small number of people are also revisiting. Yay!

Goals for April 2017

  • Finish unpacking the boxes from moving – surely 4 weeks is enough? (fingers crossed)
  • Get all the baby things ready! Need to set up the nursery, make sure I have my hospital bag packed, and I’m sure there’s plenty of other things to do in this area…
  • Aim to be more regular with publishing blog posts!

There are probably lots of other things that will occur to me soon enough, and I’ll keep adding them here as I think of them!

How’s your March 2017 treated you? Got any major goals for April? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Isabelle xx

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  1. Nothing like moving to make you realize how much stuff you have, haha. I have been a victim of two moves and found the exact same thing.

    – Melissa xx

  2. Lovely post- congratulations on your pregnancy, hope you’re all happy and healthy! Great job being so prolific with your blog as well

  3. Congrats on your first month of blogging and on all of your page views. That’s great. I am still trying to figure out the difference between what Google Analytics is telling me and what JetPack is telling me. Either way, it’s all awesome. Glad you are doing so well.

  4. unpacking can be such a stresfull and time consuming task. I hope you’ll find a system and take it one step at a time! I wish I could be there to help!

  5. 13 is my lucky number so I am all for it!! also wow 13 posts! I struggle daily with filling up content, it’s so much more that goes into blogging than I thought! ahhh It’s good to read your journey because I am new too so happy to read about someone in the same boat! Congrats on the pageviews and successful blogging!! Cheers to much more future success!

  6. 13 posts in one month is brilliant! Especially when your starting your blog. You’ll find your groove soon enough. Congrats on the baby and moving house!


  7. You’ve had a busy and productive month in March. Congratulations on completing your first month of blogging.

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