Why I’m glad I’m not a coffee drinker

6 August 2017 | By

I’ve never liked coffee. Not the drink, not the flavour. Probably the closest I can get is a mocha, only if there’s lots of chocolate and barely any coffee taste.

Yet coffee is the staple daily drink for so many people, including my husband. It’s the default drink to go out for when catching up with a friend, or to grab on the way to the office in the morning, or to finish up a meal with at a restaurant.

But you know what? I’m glad I’m not a coffee drinker.

Saves money

Without some solid self-control, being a regular coffee drinker can easily suck away your money. I see this with some of my work colleagues, who go out to nearby cafes for a coffee multiple times a day! Say each coffee costs $4.50, having 2 per weekday could add up to $45 a week. In a year that’s over $2000! And that doesn’t include the coffee grinder and espresso machine at home. Or the beans. Or the flavourings. Need I go on?

Avoids risk of overdependence

Can’t make it through the morning without a coffee? Bad news – you’re addicted! I know this doesn’t apply to everyone who drinks coffee, but I’d rather not take the risk of becoming dependent on caffeine as an energy source or needing one every day. As the saying goes, coffee is liquid sleep. This admittedly sounds super tempting, but I prefer finding other ways of getting energised – like waking up for scrumptious brekkies!

Confession – sometimes, I kinda wish I was a coffee drinker

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely days when I wish I enjoyed coffee. To be one of those fancy people ordering their cold drip special, or sipping an afternoon caramel macchiato, or savouring an affogato for dessert. There are so many different variations and types and some sound really good!

But it seems to be an acquired taste and I just can’t bring myself to get used to it when there are other drinks I prefer having instead anyway. Perhaps in time, I’ll slowly start to appreciate the occasional coffee a little more. Until then, hot chocolates will continue to be my go-to.

Oliver Brown – one of my favourite places to get a hot chocolate!

Are you a coffee drinker? Or is your drink of choice a hot chocolate or tea instead? Let me know your position on the coffee drinkers’ spectrum in the comments below!

Isabelle xx

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  1. I don’t like coffee either! I LOVE the smell, and I like mocha flavored things, but I just don’t like hot drinks. So that eliminates tea and hot chocolate too. Sometimes I wish I liked at least one of these things, but ah well, it probably does save me lots of money!

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