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23 April 2017 | By

Since the move to the new house, there’s been lots of eating out for dinner because either the cooking utensils hadn’t been unpacked, we didn’t have enough space to buy and store many ingredients, or the day had been so busy that it was simply easier and more convenient to buy takeaway or eat at one of the local restaurants…there have been endless excuses. And not all have been that justified, considering how much we’ve ended up spending on food lately!

From this week, my goal is to make a better effort to get back into having home cooked meals for dinner. Given that baby could be coming any day now (!!!) it’s definitely easier to try and plan ahead, so that I don’t have to be ducking out to the shops every day to buy ingredients etc. On the weekends we tend to be over at either my family’s place or the in-laws’ for dinner, so I haven’t planned anything specific for those days yet, just in case we won’t be at home.

I’ve tried to pick relatively simple dishes, including using some of the pre-packaged bases/mixes which I’ve bought from Woolworths on special over the past few weeks. Hopefully that’ll reduce some of the preparation/cooking time, since I’m definitely still busy with lots of other things in preparation for baby’s arrival!

So here’s this week’s tentative dinner plan:

Monday – husband cooking!

While he’s on holidays…it’s his turn to cook something

Tuesday – husband cooking again!

His last day at home with me before heading back to work… I might help with a side dish depending on what he decides to make.

Wednesday – beef and mushroom ragout

Last week I bought a McCormick beef and mushroom ragout recipe base from Woolworths on special (where you could choose 3 different mixes for $6) – so I’ll cook it up this week. It serves 6 so I’ll freeze half for another day.

Particularly as we head towards winter, I’d like to find some good slow cooker recipes because they’re really convenient (just throw in the ingredients in the morning and it’ll be ready by evening) and are super tender and tasty as well!

Rather than serving the ragout with the more traditional option of pasta, I’ll cook a couple of cups of jasmine rice which I can also use for the following night’s dinner too.

Thursday – coconut curry vegetables and chicken

Another ready sauce pack I picked up earlier on special ($1.50 at Woolworths) was Lee Kum Kee’s Ready Sauce for Coconut Curry Vegetables, which I’ll use for this week’s Asian dish. I’ll add some chicken for protein, as well as pack in a colourful array of veggies!

Image source

Friday – tuna and corn pasta bake

One of my favourite, easiest and cheapest go-to recipes. Super simple and quick to prepare, and there’s always leftovers which is great for lunch the following day. It’s really straightforward, and this recipe from Taste shows how it’s basically only 2 steps!

I like to have at least one pasta dish per week, and one seafood dish – so this time it’ll be both in one.

Let’s see how we go with this week’s dinner plan! (Although it’s more like half a week…but I have to start somewhere.)

What’s your favourite, easy weeknight meal? I’m open to suggestions for upcoming weeks.

Isabelle xx

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  1. I always have a tuna pasta but I’ve never tried a pasta bake. Bookmarking the recipe! I can’t wait until my life is organized to the point I have my meals planned out!

  2. I read your comment about winter coming and I had to check your about me section as we are welcoming spring in the midwest portion of USA. I definitely love doing crockpots in the winter and still try to make use of it during summer when I can. I like the tuna recipe. I make something similar but never thought to use corn and my boyfriend loves corn so I will have to try this!

  3. Everything looks and sounds delicious! Have you prepared any meals and breakfasts for when baby arrives? It saved me when my daughter was born to have a stuffed freezer.

  4. My husband would like the tuna pasta, I may have to experiment with that one. If I could go back to August last year, though, right before I had my little one, and do some things over it would be to make more freezer meals. My husband and I both love to cook, so I thought it would be something we’d go back to really quickly. And while we DID, I WISHED we didn’t have to. Because that is a level of sleep deprivation I have never experienced lol

    Some of my favorite weeknight meals now are soups I make on the weekends and just reheat, panini with whatever veggies we have in the house grilled on my panini press – and cheese of course ;), and omelettes. Because I can pack an omelette with a surprising amount of veggies! We also make a few simple pasta dishes, and some baked or grilled salmon or tuna frequently. Adjusting to meals that take very little time to make is one of my big post-baby transitions!

  5. My favorite is the coconut curry veggies with chicken, I could eat that all week long! Hm, I need to start planning our meals too, I’m so bad at that but it’s a really great idea.

  6. I remember that time when we moved too. I always think that I’m going to be able to cook at home when we move but then the kitchen is usually packed up first and then I’m stuck eating out. The food your planning sounds like it is going to be yummy!

  7. It’s wonderful that you plan out your weekly dinners. Everything looks great. I really like that beef and mushroom ragout from Wednesday. Looks delicious!

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