Creamy leek and mustard chicken

17 July 2017 | By

Part 3 of dinners with HelloFresh

For tonight’s dinner, we’re having creamy leek and mustard chicken with carrots, zucchini and mashed potato!

It’s my third experience preparing dinner using a HelloFresh meal kit. The way it works is that you’re sent the fresh ingredients required for the meal, with a visual A4 recipe card containing the preparation and cooking instructions.

You can follow the original recipe here. All the ingredients were included in the meal kit except for the olive oil, milk, butter, salt and pepper – things I was already stocked up on anyway.

The instructions from the recipe card were really clear and easy to follow.

It reminded me that creamy mashed potato is probably something I should cook more often because it’s yummy, hubby really enjoys it and it’s so easy to quickly prepare!

The rest of the meal was easy to whip up – first searing the chicken in the pan, cooking the veggies and prepping the sauce, before popping it all into the oven at the end. While it was baking, I took the chance to quickly do the washing up – an attempt at reducing the post-dinner cleaning!

Cooking difficulty = easy

Quantity = the serving sizes were very generous, but we managed to finish everything. Too much carrot though.

My overall rating: 8/10 (I’m a huge fan of variety and there was plenty of it in this dish! Very flavoursome and well balanced. I usually don’t like mustard, but it worked well in the sauce.)

Husband’s rating: 7/10 (really like the sauce, but not a fan of chicken breast because it tends to be too dry. Also carrots aren’t particularly exciting.)

Will it be on the menu again? Yes indeed! I’d use one carrot instead of two though. Unfortunately leeks are generally quite expensive ($2.50 each?!) but I really enjoy them so perhaps once in a while we can get some – or find a cheaper fresh food grocer in the area rather than just relying on Woolworths.

Want to try out HelloFresh and their meal kits? Get $50 off your first box using this link!

That’s it for dinners with HelloFresh for the week! Want to see some of the other HelloFresh meals I cooked lately? Check out:

Featured image from HelloFresh.

Isabelle xx

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  1. Reading your today’s post makes me hungry again, considering the fact that I just finished my lunch! Omg what a tummy I have

  2. This looks beautiful and i am sure it’s very delicious. I wish I could try it but I am vegan. I will definitely share it with my friends who are not. Thank you.

  3. This looks incredible! I’ve been looking for some easy but healthy recipes to give me a kickstart for when I move out… I’ve survived for a week to a month home alone before, but I’m going to be on such a tight budget when I move out that I’m going to have to be super careful!!

  4. That looks so good! I have been wanting to try HelloFresh but i need to check into it more. I am sort of a picky eater and i want to do the low carb thing, so i will see if that is an option.

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