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4 August 2017 | By

We survived the “fourth trimester”!

It’s definitely been one of the best 3 months of my life. Having a new addition to the family is the greatest thing that could’ve ever happened to us, and we’re counting our blessings that he’s been a happy and healthy baby so far.

And now that 3 months has already flown by…more and more we are watching how our little bubby is becoming a little boy!

Here’s his 3 month update – a mishmash of everything in his life so far.


Height: 62cm

Weight: 6.3kg

General size/growth: Overall he’s not super chubby, apart from his tummy, thighs and cheeks! I just want to squish them every time haha. Most of his 000 clothes are a little tight, and his 00 onesies don’t look huge on him. I reckon he’ll be onto the 0 sized clothes before the 6 month mark!

Eyes: Big and round. The colour seems to depend on the lighting, because sometimes they seem dark brown, other times they look hazel and more similar to mine. He’s at the age where it’s possibly still changing though.

Hair: Not much to report! His baby hairs don’t seem to be falling out as much anymore, but he still doesn’t have very much hair! I think it’s cute that way though

Big eyes and not much hair!


I know it’s still very early days in this department! But he’s got 3 pretty distinct “moods”:

  1. Happy, chatty and excited
  2. Alert, focussed and serious
  3. Distressed, tired and hungry

In general he’s quite a placid and easygoing baby


Not sure what defines a “good” sleeper at his age…but here’s what’s happening.

There are 3 main places in the house where he sleeps:

  1. Cradle beside our bed (beginning of the night)
  2. In the middle of our bed (after his last feed of the night before morning time, or when he’s extra fussy/unwell)
  3. His bouncer (daytime naps)

On average, he has 3 daytime naps (each are 1-2 hours long) and sleeps for ~12 hours at night (with a few nighttime feeds).

He’s definitely not consistently sleeping through the night – a couple of times he’s had a 6+ hour stretch…but it’s all just a tease because the following night he’ll be back to waking every 2 hours! But that’s okay, now that I’ve learnt to love waking through the night.


He’s mostly breastfeeding, using our trusty Mombo Deluxe nursing pillow. Usually each feed lasts 10-15 minutes in total (sometimes 20 minutes if he’s particularly hungry), and this happens 7-9 times in a 24 hour period. There were a couple of days when we were down to 6, but then I think a growth spurt began and now we’re back to an average of 8 feeds per day.

He has a bottle of formula maybe 1 or 2 times per week, usually when we’ve left him with the grandparents. We’re (slowly) trying to work our way towards having a bottle once a day and increase the frequency from there. Breastfeeding is just so convenient though!


Smiles – Social smiles are definitely here! I love this new stage, where he actually smiles in response to things you say or do. His big, toothless grin and the way his eyes light up when he smiles…makes my heart melt every time. I’m slowly getting better at catching these moments on camera!

Cooing – We have the most adorable little conversations these days. When he’s in a chill mood, he really loves to chat! Sometimes I also hear him “talking” with his toys…it’s the cutest thing. And he can blow raspberries too!

Self discovery – Doesn’t seem to recognise himself in the mirror (I know this takes time) but he still loves watching the mirror above him in his play gym. What he has discovered, however, are his hands! This is definitely a new thing this month, as he’s munching and sucking on his hands so often. Like, do they really taste that good?! It’s either that or he’s closely inspecting them…fascinating stuff.

Teething – Not 100% whether this has started happening. What we have noticed, however, is that he drools SO MUCH these days! It’s either that or blowing bubbles. I found myself constantly wiping his mouth to prevent dribble from wetting his clothes, so now we’ve started putting a bib on him instead and that’s been a life saver!

Holding things – Yep, this is happening! He’s been better at holding onto things particularly since the last week or so. Slowly there’s a little more coordination with the hand waving too…

Rolling – Not yet. And I don’t think it’s going to happen particularly soon…mainly because he really doesn’t enjoy tummy time! I feel bad putting him on his front because he often is quick to get upset by it. Or if he’s not upset, he mostly just lies there, and only sometimes lifts his head. We need to continue persisting though, otherwise we’ll never progress to crawling!


  • “Standing” and “dancing” when being held upright
  • Bath time with Daddy
  • Sucking on his hands
  • “Chatting”
  • Morning cuddles in the big bed
  • Kicking his legs and waving his arms everywhere
  • Dummies
  • His grandparents, aunties and uncles!


  • Car rides (it’s a bit hit and miss with this one, sometimes it’ll be stress free and other times it’s drama central)
  • Going for walks in the pram (it’s okay for a little while, then he’ll get restless and not like being there anymore)


  • Tummy time (*sigh*)
  • Being strapped into the car seat (but is usually fine once the car is moving)
  • Being cradled in a non-upright position in your arms (he thinks it’s a trap to get him to sleep…)

I could go on forever about all the things that have happened this month…but I’ll wrap it up for now.

Here’s to another wonderful month ahead – I’m sure it’ll be time for his 4 month update before we know it!

Isabelle xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing those sweet photos. Charles, You don’t know me, but your smile and all the beautiful adventures your mamma posts on this blog make me hopeful that one day, me too. You look like an easy going baby, always happy

  2. He is absolutely adorable!! I was reading what he dislikes and all three are the same for my baby! The tummy time 😭

  3. What a sweetheart! Aren’t those early smiles the best?? and no worries, three of my children never really had much hair either, lol. And what they did start off with was usually so blonde it didn’t look like they had anything!

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