Beef and cheddar tacos

15 July 2017 | By

Part 1 of dinners with HelloFresh

It’s Mexican night at my house! On the menu we have beef and cheddar soft shell tacos with Mexican slaw.

This is my first experience cooking with a HelloFresh meal kit, which provides all the required ingredients as well as a super easy to follow recipe card.

Beef and cheddar tacos - recipe card

You can check out the original recipe here. The entire meal was made from the supplied ingredients, the only things I needed to provide myself was olive oil, salt and pepper. Too easy!

Beef and cheddar tacos - ingredients

It was really quick to prepare, which is great when trying to whip up dinner while juggling a baby at the same time! Tossed together the Mexican slaw, fried up the fragrant mince, warmed up the mini tortillas and dinner was ready

Beef and cheddar tacos

In the end, we were able to make a total of 8 mini wraps, so this did well in being a dinner for 2 people. The only thing leftover by the end was some of the slaw, everything else was devoured! We tend to have pretty big dinner appetites so no surprise there.

Beef and cheddar tacos

For my first impression of HelloFresh meals, I think it went quite well! I love how everything is already portioned out for you, and that the meals themselves are well balanced and healthy.

Cooking difficulty = super easy

Quantity = too much slaw, not enough beef, perfect amount of cheese

My overall rating: 7/10 (not normally the biggest fan of Mexican food for dinner, but this was filling, tasty and healthy!)

Husband’s rating: 5/10 (not enough meat/nutrition, more suitable for lunch or a smaller meal)

Beef and cheddar tacos

Will it be on the menu again? Yes! But probably as a lunch rather than a dinner.

Want to try out HelloFresh and their meal kits? Get $50 off your first box using this link.

Let’s see how the other meals turn out. Coming soon…

Featured image from HelloFresh.

Isabelle xx

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    1. They were pretty tasty! Haven’t tried other delivery services yet, but so far HelloFresh is doing well.

  1. I’m not sure on what to feel because your photos really made me hungry at 12am! Hahaha! But, I wish to try this recipe for myself too. Do you think it’s okay to put it in a burrito instead of taco?

    1. Haha! Yeah I reckon it’d be great in a burrito, I actually ended up wrapping up the soft shell tacos kind of like a burrito anyway.

  2. I tried hello fresh and I like it, it’s great for people like me who don’t eat much and live alone but I think the portions are def too small for 2 people!

    1. I found particularly the meat portions were quite small, for all the dinners. Plenty of veggies though.

    1. A crunchy slaw is delicious – this one was pretty good although usually I’d add a greater variety of things to it.

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