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April 2017 – month in review

1 May 2017 | By

Wow time has been shooting past super quickly! It feels like just the other week I published my “March 2017 – month in review” post, and now April has wrapped up already too. Taking a look back on what April 2017 brought my way…

Milestone events and miscellaneous happenings

The month kicked off with the end of daylight savings, and although that means it’s brighter earlier in the morning (when I’m asleep anyway), it also means that evenings become darker earlier And that’s something I’m not enjoying because it’s definitely making the days days feeling shorter! Unfortunately, it’s only going to become worse as we head into winter soon enough…

On a brighter note, we finally got internet/wifi at our new house! And an awesome TV! And a big, new fridge!

Basically this has been the month of furniture delivery. Over the past 4 weeks or so, we’ve had furniture deliveries for:

  • Indoor dining set (10 seater table and chairs, 2 stools for the bench top)
  • Outdoor dining set (6 seater table and chairs)
  • Sofas (2 and 3 seaters)
  • Living room furniture (TV unit, coffee table, 2 side tables)
  • Dining room furniture (display cabinet, larder pantry, buffet and hutch)
  • King-sized bed base

That’s also where all the money has been going lately…

Easter, as always, was a celebratory time of the year spent with both sides of the family. We also received a surprise package in the mail which I totally recommend as a perfect gift idea for a sugar addict!

Then from the Easter weekend until the middle of last week, it was school holidays so Gerard (who’s a teacher) was also on holidays! It coincided with me starting maternity leave as well, so it was a very busy 2 weeks of us running around ordering more furniture and getting things organised around the house.

During this time my younger brother and Gerard’s 2 brothers came for a sleepover – basically a boys night with a BBQ dinner, toasting marshmallows and making smores over the fire pit, and staying up late eating snacks and gaming together on the Xbox. Seemed like they had a good time! We also went to watch Logan at the cinemas the following day. I’m a huge X-men/superhero movies fan so it was something I’d been wanting to see for a while – and it ended up being really good (although pretty violent).

In general, every weekend has been quite busy, with either lunches or dinners with different sides of the immediate and extended family or family friends. Also, once we had the dining table/lounge set (i.e. somewhere to actually sit), Gerard and I have finally started hosting and having people over! In the past couple of weeks we hosted 2 dinners with different groups of friends, as well as lunch last weekend with my family for my dad’s birthday. It’s been fun, and something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. However, I also feel like I’ve spent a ridiculous number of hours at the kitchen sink doing the washing…because our dishwasher seems a little temperamental so I prefer to hand wash the dishes instead.

Need to start slowing things down a little though, because we’re getting super close to baby time!

Pregnancy progress

I’m now 39 weeks pregnant! It’s insane how fast these final weeks are going… check out my post on my 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy where I look back on what pregnancy has brought my way so far.

Throughout April I was having weekly obstetrician appointments (every Thursday) because we’re definitely at the home stretch. It’s reassuring having the more regular visits, because I know they’re keeping a close eye on baby to make sure these final weeks are going according to plan and that everything should be fine for delivery time.

What I’m not enjoying though is the drive to the medical centre/hospital where my appointments are located. Since the move to the new house, it now takes me 45ish minutes (without traffic) to get there and I’m not the most confident driver at the best of times, let alone while being pregnant!

Also, I know I said this last month…but still not ready yet!! Although now baby is definitely going to be coming at any moment now.


Month two of blogging, complete!

Ended up only writing 4 posts…so pretty much once a week. Aside from having no internet connection at the new house during the start of the month, the days and weeks have been flying by with other things keeping me super preoccupied!

Anyway, here are some quick links to my April posts:

As expected with posting less than a third of the number of posts published last month, the blog engagement stats are lower this time around. There ended up being ~840 page views, from ~650 different users, with 93 comments being left by readers. This gives an average of 210 views per post (compared with an average of 115 views per post last month), so I suppose that’s still an improvement!

Goals for May 2017

  • Remain stress-free in the final weeks of pregnancy, during delivery and when baby is around!
  • Be more organised with getting things done around the house (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
  • Publish posts more frequently than last month (although depending on how things go with baby…this may be harder than anticipated!)

So that’s it for April 2017! How did last month treat you? Got any major goals for the month ahead? Let me know in the comments!

Isabelle xx

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  1. That’s great you’ve gotten so much furniture for the new house and were able to host friends and family. Definitely slow down a bit with baby coming soon though! It’s a good time to relax, and I’m sure everything will be a-okay!


  2. It looks like you have some great goals for the month! Good luck! And how exciting that you’re in the last few weeks of your pregnancy! Definitely make sure you take some time to relax before baby comes.

  3. I was so confused when you said winter is approaching… and then I realized you’re in Australia! Enjoy these last few weeks before the baby comes, time flies by!

  4. With dealing with the pregnancy that’s awesome that you were able to write as much as you did. You are practically there. That has to be so exciting. I remember it was when I had my child. And my ex really wanted it all to be over so she could see the baby. Ah for the days!

  5. Congrats on your second month blogging! I’m only just finishing my third, so I’m right there with you. And that’s one thing I’m looking forward to doing when I move into my own house – entertaining. Though I’m in a house now, I still have roommates. So it can be tough having guests over when my roommates are still in school and stuff.

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