My 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy

8 April 2017 | By

Pregnancy update alert – 1 MONTH TO GO UNTIL BABY’S EXPECTED DUE DATE!

Really coming down to the final weeks…baby could be here any day now!

Looking back at the past 8 months of pregnancy, time seems to have sped by ridiculously fast. To think that just over 9 months ago I was busy getting ready for marriage and the wedding day – feels like forever ago already. Well, time flies when you’re having fun…right?

Pregnancy has been a whirlwind of a learning experience – physically, mentally and emotionally! Sure, there are countless resources and pregnancy apps out there overflowing with information for mums and dads to be about what to do, know and expect during pregnancy. But no matter how much reading you do or discussing about others’ experiences, nothing can really prepare you for how you and your body will take on the challenge (and miracle!) of pregnancy.

So in the spirit of coming to the end of my journey of growing a tiny human being inside of me – I thought it’d be fitting to highlight my personal 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy.

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1. Weight gain

Yeah, I know this should’ve been an expected one… but despite having another month left to go, I’ve already gained >12kg since week 12 when I was weighed at my first obstetrician appointment. Not exactly sure how much I weighed when I originally got pregnant though, weight was probably fluctuating as a result of lots of honeymoon eating!

For the past 5+ years I don’t think my weight changed much at all, so I never anticipated that over the span of 5-6ish months I’d legitimately be packing on the kilos so quickly. (In a good way though! Have to keep reminding myself…) And in my case, it ended up being pretty focussed on specific areas. Obviously the tummy (very much forwards rather than sideways or all around), went up a bra size (yay?), and most recently my ankles/feet/hands (the fun of third trimester swelling I guess).

Very curious about what post-birth body will be like… Kind of hoping it will go back to my pre-pregnancy days but I’m not getting my hopes up too high! May possibly have to get rid of some of my clothes that may never fit again on my mum-bod. No regrets though!

Life With Isabelle | My 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy - scales and measuring tape

2. Maternal instincts

This one probably makes sense, but isn’t something I ever read/heard about as much. What I didn’t expect about pregnancy was that it really, really isn’t just your body physically changing…it’s your attitudes, perceptions, mentalities, feelings, the whole lot! Without necessarily realising it, with every passing month you’re preparing for motherhood.

For example, I’ve always been a relatively unobservant person at times, and am admittedly not the most street-smart. But I feel like I’ve definitely become way more conscious of my surroundings and safety. And for good reason – no longer just looking out for myself in life, there’s a defenceless little baby there too who needs mama’s protection!

In particular, it’s amazing that as mums-to-be, we can experience such powerfully unconditional love for a tiny little human who we haven’t even properly met yet! We’ve had our little chats, but I just can’t wait until I finally get to meet him/her – have to remain patient…

Life With Isabelle | My 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy - parents with baby shoes

3. Having that extra company

This was something that became way more prominent towards the second half of pregnancy, when the bump was finally starting to show and eventually when I could start feeling baby moving. I’m never feeling alone and pretty much think of baby and myself as one – we are going to have lunch now, we are tired, we are happy.

What I definitely never could’ve imagined before pregnancy, was the feeling of baby moving and how much I’d love it. Baby definitely makes sure I don’t forget he or she is there! Always being super active, particularly when I’m just sitting and relaxing after a meal, or when I’m trying to go to sleep. (This had better not mean baby will be a night owl…)

Speaking of movements – it’s a surprisingly delightful feeling when you can feel a little baby jumping around inside you. Literally being able to feel a tiny body hiccup and push around in your tummy. It’s super bizarre. And maybe that sounds weird. Perhaps only people who have gone through pregnancy before can understand what I mean! But it’s pretty amazing! Undoubtedly a change during pregnancy that I didn’t see coming.

Life With Isabelle | My 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy - baby in tummy

So there you have it! My personal 3 most unexpected changes during pregnancy – weight gain, maternal instincts, and the feelings of having that extra company.

A few other notable changes, which I did expect though, have included:

  • Cravings – unfortunately I can’t admit to any particularly crazy or interesting cravings, but I’ve definitely been wanting more fruit than usual. I guess that’s a good craving to have? Also, particularly during the last month or so, I’ve been super thirsty all the time! Specifically for ice-cold water. Fridge has been turned down to its lowest temperature, and is well stockpiled with bottles full of wonderfully chilled water that I chug through basically all day every day lately!
  • Tiredness – this has really taken its toll. I used to be quite the night owl, being able to stay up until 1-2am (or later) and still wake up just fine for work at 7 or 8am. Now I’m definitely in bed by 10pm wanting 8+ hours of beauty sleep!
  • Nesting – yep it’s real. A little unsure if it’s just because I’ve finally moved into my own house, but I’ve definitely been pretty obsessively hovering around cleaning the kitchen, tidying things, washing everything in sight…and I don’t know where these sudden bursts of energy is coming from! But then I eventually crash and can’t do any more (to my dismay), see previous point.

Calling all mums or mums-to-be! What were your unexpected changes during pregnancy? Or can you relate to any of the above?

A word of warning…if I suddenly stop publishing posts for a while, it may very well be because baby decided to make an appearance! Until then though, I finally have internet at the new house so I can hopefully get back to more regular posting.

Isabelle xx

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  1. I can completely relate, this post put a smile on my face just thinking about how I felt when I was expecting… great post! I’m very happy for you. Enjoy every moment, it really does go by so fast

  2. The maternal instincts kicked in right away when I found out with my first. Before then, I didn’t have much interest in babies. Nature takes care of it!

  3. Loved this post! I too had some unexpected changes in my pregnancy. I wanted to have a natural birth but had to have an emergency c section because my son was 10lbs 5oz. I wish you the best of luck in the coming months.

  4. I didn’t expect my feet to grow a whole size! And they only came back down a half size 2.5 years later. Wishing you all the best when baby arrives!

  5. I’m due in about two weeks and I can relate to all of these! I never thought of baby kicks as something I would love so much! It’s probably one of my favorite parts of pregnancy. Although, baby’s feet have been kicking pretty hard into my ribs lately, so I’m not sure I’ll miss that much Haha. Good luck with everything and congrats!

  6. Our due dates are super close!! I’m currently 34 weeks. Due May 24th. I’m getting SO excited. But the weight gain was definitely the most challenging part of pregnancy for me. I’m super consistent weight-wise so it was terrifying to see the number on the scale increase. Thankfully, I’m super healthy and fit, though so the weight gain has been slow and minimal. I’m 6 weeks away from the end and have only gained around 15 pounds. Thank God! And all my clothes fit too. I never bought maternity clothes. So I’ve greatly lucked out there haha and I totally get the maternal instincts. I feel such a huge desire to fully settle down and clean the house and really nest. It’s horrible sometimes because there’s only so much I can do at this point in time lol

  7. How amazing it must be to walk around for 9 months knowing you’re never alone! I’m not gonna say I can’t wait for that day, because I can. But I’ll definitely take it allll in for what its worth when it comes!

  8. Oh you’re so close! i’m only 6 weeks away with my second and totally feel you on all the above. Don’t stress about the weight gain – it will take some time, but you can get it all off! and the not being alone part is the best. You have made a human who will be with you forever – it’s the sweetest feeling ever. Good luck in your last 4 weeks! xo

  9. Congratulations! Your story put a smile on my face just thinking about how I felt when I was expecting my daughter Emily. Such a wonderful memories and experience! I’m very happy for you. Enjoy every moment and ensure you rest as it really does go by very fast. Good luck!

  10. This is so relatable. I’m due in June with our first, and pregnancy has been more difficult and more wonderful than I ever expected. The nesting, though — that is REAL. I’m with you on the obsessive hovering and cleaning and tidying. And meal planning. And reorganizing everything. And making binders. And… It’s a little ridiculous! Haha. Congrats to you and your family, and I hope you have a smooth labor and delivery!

  11. All these and more! I remember grabbing my “What to expect” book every time I started to feel something new, just to see if it was typical. I was pretty lucky and had easy-ish pregnancies. Good luck and congratulations on the baby!

  12. Congratulations! Thank you for this post. The tiredness caught me a bit off-guard with my second pregnancy. With my first baby I could rest and relax every afternoon after work, with the second one I was just as tired but the toddler didn’t give me some time to take things slower. Good luck!

  13. Wow amazing post thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to be a mom. Pregnancy scares me, though. I have never heard of nesting! Congrats on the upcoming baby!

  14. Towards the end of both of my pregnancies, I just stopped looking at the scale because I really, really didn’t want to know–I was happier that way! My body did eventually come back after my first child, but it’s taking SOO much longer after this second baby since I have so much less time to work out. I’ll eventually get there!

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